I just opened an account at Vanguard and have a question!?


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May 12, 2007
Based on your previous advice - I am still in the midst of my "retirement studies" having read Bob Clyatt's book "Work Less, Live More" (found it to be enlightening and encouraging)...am currently in the midst of "Mutual Funds for Dummies" :uglystupid:....and have "The Four Pillars of Investing" awaiting my attention once I feel like I have a decent grasp on the terminology.....which at this point seems like it could be a while.... :-\

Based on the board's astute recommendation of Vanguard, I have opened a money market account with the anticipation that I will move other funds as soon as my light bulb goes on off and I can UNDERSTAND what I'm doing.....

I currently have a considerable amount invested in individual stocks and was wondering if I can transfer them directly or if I will need to sell them prior to transferring?.....if I CAN transfer them to Vanguard, should I save $$$ letting them sell them??

Recommendations? Experiences?

Thank you for your insights!
Particularly if there are tax ramifications to sellng the individual stocks, I would definately just transfer them to VG and leave them there until you have done the necessary research.
thanks brewer.....

tax issues aside.....should Vanguard costs be cheaper?
Cheaper than some, not others. Where are the stocks coming from? Merrill/Morgan/Wachovia/etc. will almost certainly be a lot more expensive than VG.
stocks will be coming from Wachovia and Amerprise.....

Thanks FIRE'd@51....I'll compare them to see what might work out best!
You can transfer your stocks "in kind" to an account at Vanguard Brokerage Services without selling them. I'm not sure why you would want to do so though.

What is the end result you are trying to achieve? If you are going to let the stock shares sit there until you die, then it is probably not a bad idea. If you are going to sell all the shares over the next few years and buy Vanguard funds, then it is probably not a bad idea. If you are thinking of selling shares and buying other shares or buying exchange-traded funds, then I think it is not such a good idea.

I have an account at Vanguard for all my Vanguard mutual funds. I have a brokerage account at WellsFargo for my exchange-traded funds and a few stocks. My checking account is with WF as well. They are the cheapest for me for buying/selling non-Vanguard stuff. By cheap, I mean free which is very hard to get cheaper than.
If your $$$$ add up to 1M as a family you can trade for $8-
Brat said:
If your $$$$ add up to 1M as a family you can trade for $8-

And if I recall correctly the first 12 free trades of year the year are free.
Call VG customer service and tell them that you want to do an ACAT from your other accounts . This will move all of your stock in-kind (as is).
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