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Feb 8, 2003
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For those running Windows XP SP2 or later operating systems, Internet Explorer 7 is now available via Windows Update.

One new feature is its handling of RSS feeds (link to MS site describing the feature). This forum offers feeds. You have two feed choices on each page: a feed for all new topics over the entire board and a feed for new posts in the currently viewed board (or all posts on all boards if you're not looking at a particular board).

FireFox users can access the same feeds with Live Bookmarks. The RSS icon
should appear in the address bar or--on older versions--the status bar. Yes, the icons for FireFox and IE are the same...they actually agreed on a standard icon!

My Yahoo, My MSN, Bloglines and other web news/RSS readers can read these feeds, too. Follow the link in my signature for buttons to add them to your favorite news reader.

This sort of is and sort of isn't a new feature. Our feeds for IE7 didn't work until the last forum upgrade, and both FireFox and IE7 weren't lighting the icon after the last forum upgrade until today.
I wouldn't recommend everyone automatically rushing to upgrade to IE7. Personally I have been underwhelmed by the enhancements and I actually lost some significant functionality in handling ftp transfers which I now have to use a third party utility to replace.
I use FireFox. I was just trying to cache in on some of the IE7 hype, especially with Vista going into wide release early in 2007. :D The mechanism for IE7 Feeds and FF Live Bookmarks is the same.

Interesting about the FTP...I'll have to check that out. IE5/6 FTP works in a pinch, but I grab Filezilla for more serious FTPing. If I control the server I use ssh/WinSCP.
I use bloglines for RSS. I like that I can get it on multiple PCs/locations.
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