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Nov 8, 2010
Houston/Galveston area
Hi everyone. My name is Jim. I'm 56 and live in Texas. I'm a widow (widower), my wife passed away in 07. I started planning many years ago for my wife to retire at 55 and then me at 56. I would like carry out that plan, even though it's just me now, next spring. I will post the details in the appropriate area and would very much appreciate comments. I've learned some things here that have confirmed some of my ideas and some that have changed others. I look forward to joining the discussions.
Welcome Jim. :greetings10:

So sorry to hear about your wife.
Hi Jim....

Lots of good information here...and best of all...a few laughs. :)

Welcome to the forum....:flowers:
Welcome Jim. Lots of good advice here. :greetings10:
Welcome to the boards--you'll find many of your Lone Star neighbors here already; we're glad you got here as soon as you could, too.
Welcome from another Texan (by marriage). Lots of good folks here to help you navigate your ER journey!!!
Hello, another Texan here. Welcome. I'm also 56 and ESR'd earlier this year (i.e. early semi-retired).
Welcome from a fellow South Texan!

ERed April 2008 from the car business.
Welcome Jim from an other new boardmember from sweden. I heard that it is very hot in texas. Would like to read about your progress.

PS: sorry about your wife.
Hi all. Devan, 57 and in Iowa. Though still working, I am on the cusp and trying to get comfortable with making the switch.
I have a Bogle-ish bent but still need to learn more about the bond side. I was very aggressive in equity acquiring during the recession. I will be repositioning through 2011 to locate my money for more efficient tax treatment and some sane balancing. My goal is to live solely off of returns and pensions while building a larger estate.
Hello, from yet another Texan here. Welcome Jim and too am about to turn 56 and plan to retire in March 2011... best of luck to you...
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