Impact/Adjustment on your plan/approach - Sunset on 15% LT Cap Gain Rate in 2010


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Feb 14, 2007
I was just getting a strategy formulated in my mind on how to efficiently deal with taxes when we ER in 4 years.

I knew there was a sunset on the rate... somehow lost sight of it.... Duh!

Anyway. Dealing with taxes effectively is not my bailiwick... but I need to get together a plan.

I know the tax laws are a bit of a moving target... But has anyone contemplated how we might need to adjust our plans.

2/3 of our money is in tax deferred accounts and 1/3 is in after tax. About 1/3 of the portfolio is in bonds in the tax deferred accounts. That leaves 1/3 equity in tax deferred and 1/3 equity in after tax.

I suppose I can try to roll as much as possible into a roth (over time). We will probably be able to use the NUA provision for about 1/6 of the portfolio. I am hoping when we use the NUA, we can put the money right into a Roth.

How are you planning to deal with this? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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