John Tuttle

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Mar 7, 2006
Hello Everyone,

I've been reading this forum on and off since the WSJ mentioned Firecalc and decided it was time to be polite and introduce myself. At 60 I'm a bit old for early retirement I guess, but I think I'm technically an early retiree. I love my job so I've been in no hurry, but this is the latest I can take full advantage of a buyout offer we have. DW retired 15 years ago and it seems to agree with her. My last day is officially June 30, but I will be done for all intents and purposes in May. Just got an email from the PR department asking me for information about myself and future plans.

We have no kids, no debts and a nice paid for house. We are classic LBYM (I drive an 18 year old car for example) but we have everything we want and way more than we need. Firecalc says we can spend more in retirement than we currently spend now. I don't have any financial questions now, but may in the future. I have a ton of hobbies, so I'm not worried about how I will spend my days. I don't expect to post often, but wanted to introduce myself in case the spirit moves me to post later. Thanks.
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