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Feb 19, 2011
Hello I am Hamilton. I am 55 years old and retired 5 weeks ago. I truly hope to stay retired. Everyone seems to tell me I will be bored out of my mind and will have to go back to work. I disagree as I intend to stay very active as I enjoy the second half, I hope, of my life.

I have worked hard and have saved into the high 7 figures. I am in about 60% fixed income and the other 40% in a combination of equities and alternative investments.

I have 4 daughters, one who grauates from law school this year, one who grauates from graduate school next year, a junior in college, and a freshman in high school. I have gladly paid for all of the education expenses and intend to do so going forward. That is 4 years of college and one graduate program if they so choose. After that they are on their own, so to speak.

My Father drove a truck for a living and I remember many times him being on strike and having spagetti week after week. Never bothered us a bit.

For me to be where I am at is a true testament to how great this country truly is. I want to extend my deepest appreciation to all of the Armed Services men and women who provide us with the freedom we enjoy that allow us to enjoy the great opportunity that is America. Now if we can only get it back on track. I am confident we will.

I look forward to learning and sharing with each and every one of you. I have so many questions and will have even more as time goes by.

Until then I wish you all the best.

Welcome! Glad that you are here and I bet you enjoy a wonderful retirement. I have one more to get thru college then I'll be done - crazy how expensive college is nowadays.
Welcome! You've worked hard, saved money, taken care of your family and are now ready to go in a new direction. Congratulations!

... Everyone seems to tell me I will be bored out of my mind and will have to go back to work. ...

This is the default comment of people that either:

  • cannot FIRE (trapped and trying to soothe their own psyche)
  • so engaged in their job that it is their life (and they personally cannot imagine anything different)

Obviously, if one is engaged in life... they can transition to other activities that are fulfilling and rewarding.
Welcome and congratulations. I think you will find plenty of evidence here that being retired does not have to be boring. Or even that a little bit of boring can beat the alternative. Good luck and keep us posted.
Congratulations, Hamilton!

You are coming to the right place to get inspired. My retirement date is 16 months away, but I come here daily chiefly to be reminded how much fun is ahead. :)

Keep us posted on all the fun you have now that you have time to have more if it!
Welcome. It is great that they named your town after you.

Ignore the "you will be bored" comments.To be FIRED is to be free to do anything you want, including work at a fun, low stress job, volunteer, go back to school, travel, start a new business or just goof off (my choice).
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