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Feb 7, 2017
I tried out the "invisible" feature so people won't see where I am on the forum. Because that's how they get ya. But do you all really see the highly conspicuous red "invisible" symbol? I don't see anyone else with it. I don't want people to know I'm the only one hiding. What about "I want to be invisible" suggests I want a red "look at me, I'm invisible" symbol? Is the invisible one the only one who sees it? Then it would be OK.


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Other members cannot see you or the red icon when you use invisibility mode.
Boho, I just want to make sure you are reading it right though... it is Invisibility and not Invincibility. :LOL:
I made it to invisible once. The next day was awful.
I use tape over the camera on my computer. But it has a smiley face on it just in case the viewer has sensitive feelings.
I turned on invisibility mode.

Can you see me now?
Boho ... you just blew your cover :popcorn:.
Now I just assume Boho is on every thread I'm looking at.
Just don't ever give him a sock.
You have to have your tin foil hat on to be truly invisible. And also so they can't scan your brain waves either.
Yeah but can you beat Boho?
Set your smart phone to Dark mode and look for the little white hand print.
INVINCIBLE mode ON! Crap. Where'd you guys all go? Guys? hello? hello?
this thread is useless without pics...
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