IRAs, Roths, RMDs & IRMAAs, oh my


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Mar 7, 2004
Does anyone know of any calculators that handle tIRAs, Roths, RMDs and Medicare IRMAAs, all in light of the new 2018 tax bill?

What do you want to calculate?

I'm heavily weighted in tIRAs.

Basically, trying to optimize my income/net worth while minimizing taxes paid and Medicare premiums paid....while weighing whether to make Roth conversions, if so how much, and when (all in a year or two vs a few years?) and how that would will impact RMDs (trying to minimize future taxes)...and Medicare IIRMAAs (prefer to minimize or possibly take a hit for just a year or two, if that furthers my goals)...while keeping the new tax bill in mind. Oh, and throw SS (take now or at 70) into the mix. BTW, no spouse or heirs to worry about.

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You can do all that with your own spreadsheet; it's not that hard.

But first, take a good look at I-ORP if you haven't already done so. I think it may come closer to your needs than most.
Income Solver?

I saw this mentioned in the comments section of the Seeking Alpha article I just posted about elsewhere. It looks like it might address my needs and concerns.

Does anyone have any experience with Income Solver? It's not cheap....but a 3-month subscription ($450) could easily pay for itself.

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