Is everyone here lucky or something??

I have actually never hunted grays, since by the time I took up hunting I had moved to a place where they do not dwell. That black squirrels are probably just a color variant of the grays.

Abert's are the most interesting. They are only in 3 states in the US and they spend pretty much their entire lives living in and eating Ponderosa pines in foothills forests. Very different/weird looking as well, with their freakishly long ear hair tufts and almost prehensile looking paws.

I grew up in upstate NY (Adirondacks) and hunted squirrels often (at 10-15yo) with a multi pump air rifle (Sheridan .20 cal.) There was an Italian neighbor that would give me $3 for all the squirrels I could bring both grey and red.
I now live in NorCal in the foothills of the Sierra. When I moved here 15 years ago there were very few Squirrels - a virus had wiped them out. In the last few years they have been making an incredible come back(greys). I have about 10 living on my 12 acres now! I don't hunt them, but enjoy watching them gather all the acorns. I have a nest about 40 ft off of my 2nd story deck - lots of coming and going. Prob will have 30 on the property in the spring, they are rodents after all :D.
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