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Dec 17, 2003
Losing my whump
Forum seems very slow this week. Lots of long delays and a couple of times when I posted and hit submit I got a blank screen with 'done' at the bottom. Sometimes the post 'took' and sometimes it didnt.

Anyone else?
No more than usual.

I think the Internet is extra-busy this week ensuring that everyone has been notified by e-mail of the many fine firms willing to help maximize their... opportunities.
I'd have attributed it to that, but i'm not having any speed problems with other sites.

So its just me. Thats ok! ;)
() said:
I'd have attributed it to that, but i'm not having any speed problems with other sites.

So its just me.  Thats ok! ;)

It probably is just you. A few weeks ago I could get into every website except Vanguard's. That is, until I did a complete power cycle.
It took a very long time for the forum to load for me this morning.

I assumed it might be because I had been away several days and there were more "unread since last visit" posts than usual....
I noticed a few glitches. A couple of times I thought the site was down but got in and could tell by the statistics that plenty of others were getting in.

I'll see what I can find out, but I'm on a business trip and kinda scarce lately and in the near future.
I am trying to figure out what is happening at about 11am (Texas time) that is causing a slowdown. It only lasts about 2-3 minutes, but it is very consistently happening at just after 11am.

At around 1:30am, there are server backups, so if you are up late, you'll see a slowdown then as well.

Otherwise, there seems to be no server load issue...
Well i was coming here to post that the slowdowns seem to have stopped, but when I clicked on forum admin the browser timed out.

Its been better since I put on my new larger monitor. Maybe my old one was too small for the forum to display the information quickly enough or it wasnt sure it'd fit or something.
Yes I did.

It was in the clearance aisle for $500. I stood there for five minutes staring at it before I finally grabbed it and set it on my cart.

Its an LCD tv and I wasnt expecting a whole lot as the resolution is just 1366x768, but after some fiddling with the text sizes, turning Cleartype on in XP, and some rearranging of layouts in various apps it works just great.

I figured if it looked like crap I'd either relegate it to television duty or return it.

Its a keeper.

Pic. Believe it or not, i've excluded the really messy part of my desk...


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My husband has a 32" monitor very similar to that. He also got it for $500. My eyes rolled into the back of my head when I saw it. It would be one thing if he played video games, but he doesn't.
I play video games on occasion, although not lately.

Its mostly helpful that I can use it without wearing glasses, which means I dont have to spend 15 minutes trying to figure out where I left them. My wife said the same thing when I brought it home "Great, I can read that without my glasses".

Its good to avoid glasses, everytime I bring up my short range vision getting worse as I age Martha tries to convert me to some funny religion.
Your monitor is larger than my largest tv. :(

It is hard to comprehend the scale of that behemoth monitor.
Cool part is it has a slot load dvd drive built into the side of it. I can drop a movie in there and if i'm waiting for something to happen or finish up (like building a couple of hours of video into a dvd master) I can flip over and watch the movie for a while...

Couldnt pass it up for $500.

Yesterday when I was in Sams they had three plasma tv's that looked like they'd just been returned. I'm desperately fighting the Unseen Mystical Force that is compelling me to go over and see how much they've priced them last old television is over 10 years old and the power supply is starting to make a high pitched squeal that I think is a hint that its about to keel over.

Of course, I could just put one of those 50" plasmas on the 'puter and put this 32" lcd in the spare bedroom...

The "holy ****!" factor is excellent. So far three out of three people who saw it this week uttered that phrase verbatim...
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