Is there a way to search for posts where I was quoted?


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Jul 30, 2014
Wondering if there's a way to find all posts where I was quoted.

Searching "originally posted by prudent_one" doesn't work.
If you use search it should include them (it does for me), but if you mean just going to your list of posts, then no it won't show on your profile.

Is there something specific you are looking for someone can help you to find?
If you use search it should include them (it does for me)
It works for you because your userid is a simple one word, while the OP userid has underscore, so google splits it in 2, which is why it does not work.:(
In that case you need to put the name in quotes.

Also, I find, in all sites, that searching from outside the site, using keyword site:<name>, works much better, gets better results.
Yes, there is. Click on "search" in the ribbon along the top of the page. Pick "advanced search" from the drop down menu. In the page that pops up, put prudent_one (with the underscore; quote marks aren't necessary) in the "Keyword(s)" box. Leave all the other boxes alone. Go down to the bottom on the left side and make sure you have selected "show results as" -- "posts" rather than "threads".
Click "search now" at the bottom center.

Et le voila! A series of posts in which you are quoted or otherwise mentioned, but not posts that you authored (unless you quoted yourself).

Fell free to contact me if you have questions or problems.
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