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Mar 18, 2005
Have you ever gotten blank stares when you mentioned early retirement to friends/family/coworkers?  Well, that's about all I've received since I started the journey of learning about retiring early.  I've only been on this site for a week or so, but it's been great to be a part of this online forum. I've really enjoyed my stay so far! :)

A little about me: I'm a 29 year old bachelor and currently a computer programmer/system administrator in Alabama.  I grew up in Orlando, Fl and want to move back to Fl someday, maybe when the housing prices come down (yeah right!).  I also buy and sell silver age comic books as a part time biz, and I dabble in real estate from time to time.

Currently I have about 110K in my investment accounts, contributing about 25K per year and I hope to be FI in 10 or 11 years.  Wish me luck!  lol

I did about a year and a half of comic book collecting when I was about 11. Had some stuff that'd probably make you drool. Fantastic 4 #1 signed by stan lee. Iron man #1. Spider man #1. Daredevil #1. Made some good trades and some good buys. Had my dad take me to a convention in boston one day when I got tired of it and made his eyes pop when he saw me finagle one dealer into buying my whole collection at a premium for a couple of grand.

Any one of those is probably worth that now.
Welcome comix fan,
I'm pretty new myself but your comment on FL real estate made me laugh. I just got back from a trip to FL today (business). Have been going there for several years and look at residential real estate "for fun" never to buy. Anyway just this last trip a saw a dump that was purchased about 5 years ago for about 300 K sell for 1.3 M. (ocean view,side, off the highway). No upgrades. This is in the Panama City Beach area. Really it would have been ok for my dog to live there but not me.

Have been driving by these places for years. I'm just not the speculative type, but sometime wish I was.

TH, brought back memories of childhood with Ironman and Fantastic 4.
Welcome! My first hard lesson in investing was comic books. I got a "hot tip" on a new comic book series that was going to be worth a ton because they were getting cancelled after only 18 months (kid logic-don't ask). It was V as in Visitor, as in that cheesy 80's alien invasion t.v. show in comic book form. Spent a dollar each for the first 12 and got the rest for face value. I think I might be able to get face value now since they are in NM condition in their plastic cardboard backed bags.....(sigh). Still have my #1 web of spiderman, hoping it will get somewhere. :)
Hi comixfan, welcome to the board. Let me start by apologizing; in another bulletin board system I suggested you might be an alternate identity of another poster. It's a long story that isn't ready to be rehashed here. One of the things that upsets me is discounting ideas and opinions of others, and by suggesting you are somebody else I basically did the same thing to you. I'm sorry for that.

Same thing goes to MacDuff if he shows up here and psmalloy if he's still around.
Yes, we had a little problem with a bad poster who created aliases to ask him leading questions and support his various little games. The problem with that is two-fold; the first fold obvious...its deceptive and against the rules; the second fold is that we start looking at any new user with skeptical eyes. Which stinks.

I noticed that with few exceptions, virtually all of the funny new users vanished when he was banned here.

What ARE the odds? ;)
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