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Feb 19, 2007
Been reading and learning for a long time. Finally joined the "no more for me" team on Dec. 1. Took a good six weeks to decompress and not wonder about why I was not at work. DW retired last May, so she was ahead of me on the relaxing part, but I am catching up quickly. Both of us have those "guvmit" pensions, as well as investments to carry us through. Both 55, me with 35 years in the work place and her with 25. After reading this forum for a long time, I moved my rollover portion of my pension to Vanguard IRA. It was mailed on Friday and should arrive early this week into a Life Strategy Fund that is basically a 60/40 split. Know could be more in equities with the two pensions providing normal living costs, but still to conservative to run that level of risk without maintaining a balance. Three kids, all grown and gone, five grandchildren, all under 8 and wonderful. Enjoying our time.
Hi, there -- sounds like you are well-set!
Welcome to the board rmh. I just arrived here myself.
rmh said:
Been reading and learning for a long time.
I know what you mean by this. I am doing the same. Each time I log on, I learn something new.
It appears that you are in good shape for ER. When it is all said and done, will you be invested in only one fund?
Just wondering.
Thanks for the welcome. There is such a diversity of thought, planning information and sharing of great ideas that it was hard to decide what was the right mix in the rollover.


Finally decided on four fund groups to make the mix for the rollover. Went with Total Stock Mkt Idx Adm, Diversified Equity Inv., Total Int'l Stock Index, and Total Bond Mkt Index Adm. If these are poor choices someone advise. Went with 40% in the bond and equal percentage in all others.
Total rollover was app. 500K and have about the same in other funds from over the years. Worst seems to be with E. Jones (175K), from info I've read here, but they are all American Funds and have been there many years, so have been satisfied with the results, although expect they could have been better from what I've learned here. Sometimes along the way we miss the finer points, but this group is good a straighting that out!
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