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Dec 20, 2007
Im going to be touring Missouri this summer. Anyone recommend a few good BBQ places around KC and St Louis? Or any excellent restaurants?
On a business trip a few years back I hit up a few of the "famous" bbq joints. My favorite was Arthur Bryant's.

Another option is to wait until you get to KC and then ask a working class fellow where he would go to get great bbq. Then when he tells you one of the famous touristy places, ask him where he actually goes to get great bbq. I say "working class fellow" because you want to make sure you are getting good food and not pretentious food (at least I presume that is the case). Make sure the fellow you ask is moderately overweight - it indicates a love of eating.
Thanks, Ya Ive heard of Arthur Bryant's thats the 2nd time someone recommended them to me.
I thought it was good. Kind of a dive, but really good food. The other "name" places I went to were average. A little on the expensive side - $9-10 for a sandwich plate, but definitely worth it and very very large portions (maybe enough for a 2nd meal).
Never been a big BBQ fan myself, but KC's got some good Italian too - can't remember the all names - been some time since I lived there, but we used to really enjoy "Garozzo's" for one.
The "Hill" in St. Louis has great restaurants. Got to go to Ted Drewes for frozen custard....mmmm, so good. :)
Im already picturing all the running Ill be doing when I get back :D

Hmm frozen custard. Thanks for the tips everyone :)
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