Meat smokers?

It all worked quite well for me. I did brisket, some brats, a half dozen corn on the cob and the dozen ABT's. All came out tasty. The ABT's were surprisingly mild. I removed the seeds and membrane and the filling seems to have neutralized most of the rest of the heat.

In fact, if I made them again I'd probably increase the amount of spice rub and add a good bit of cayenne to the cream cheese. Maybe slip a little sliver of really spicy sausage in there.

As anticipated, all the innards came out of the box ready for the dishwasher, and the box itself wiped clean with a wad of paper towels and some ammonia spray cleaner.
Just as a followup, this has worked very well for me and is highly recommended. Its apparently made by Brinkman, since a call to the listed Kenmore customer service line took me to Brinkmans customer support.

I've really appreciated being able to add/access food, water and chips on the fly very quickly and without having to remove the lid and then the top rack(s). With the four separate racks, I can load up each with food and then at the right time stick it in the smoker in 3 seconds, minimizing heat loss.

I also noticed that the arrangement allows for rib hooks or hanging fish racks to be hung from the top rack with excellent access. I could do four full racks of spare ribs or four whole fish in this with no problems. A little homemade heavy aluminum baby "coat hanger" hook inserted in a turkey would also let me get away with about an 18 pounder.

So now I know whats for thanksgiving.

On the last session I did baby back ribs, a chub of Jimmy Dean sausage with a rub on it, and another batch of ABT's. I put a LOT more spice rub into the cream cheese, mixed some minced little smokies in, and upped the green onions. I removed the pepper seeds but left most of the membrane in there, and used a thinner bacon that would crisp up more quickly. Perfect. A little spicier, more flavor, and overall an excellent artery clogger.

I glazed the ribs and the sausage "fatty" with hot jalapeno jelly...which generally isnt super spicy but has a nice mix of sweet and hot. I added a little cayenne and honey to the ribs glaze and straight jelly on the fatty.

I think the next time I'm going to do a chicken and set one of the jimmy dean sage chubs over it for some auto-basting...
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