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Feb 6, 2007
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Some of you may be seeing a slidedown notice for tapatalk (a mobile app). In the next week or so we are going to be changing our app. Please ignore the tapatalk notice for now but in a few days you should see a prompt to install our new app which is based on the tapatalk platform.

We're making this change because we're just not satisfied with the current app; lots of folks have had trouble and we believe this will be an improvement. :flowers:
Oh, joy.
I've been using the current app on an iPad since it came out, and I love it. Never had the slightest problem.

That said, I've used the tapatalk platform elsewhere, and it's good too.
The ER app would not open for me last night or this morning, until I installed the tapatalk app on my iPad. Now it's working fine. I have the original iPad; maybe that's why?
The app still works on my Android. It does seem to have more problems after recent OS updates.
The app for my ipad froze up and stopped loading content 2 days ago. I deleted the app and reloaded a new one that works ok now.
I tried the new app for the first time today, nicely done. It takes a little getting used to as it's different from the original website, but everything's there.
I am seeing this app for the first time. It'll take some getting used to!

But I do appreciate the adjustable font: see you down the road, reading glasses!
Is there any possibility of getting a windows phone 8 app?
It's too bad as the recent Windows phone reviews I've seen have been very favorable, but you might be waiting for a while. I've read Microsoft is having to pay developers or do many apps themselves (compared to Android or iOS), even some of the most popular mainstream apps.

We may be down to Beta vs VHS in the mobile OS war, winner tbd?


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Based on my first use, the new app seems far superior to its predecessor. I will probably actually use it. Thank you!
Don't forget what the Blackberry numbers were five years ago. I wonder how many people would have predicted that they would fall into total obsolescence so rapidly.

I'm not a big Windows phone fan, but I suspect they will increase their market share fairly soon, as their updates have been getting better and better. And with the phone looking very similar to a Windows 8 PC, some people will choose it simply for the familiarity.
Is anybody else having problems getting the new app to work on an iPad 2? It seem sluggish at times. Getting to the list of forums is a mystery. Sometimes the list pops up, and at other times it does not. The unread list seems to be stuck at 139 unread messages, but it never shows any of them to me.
I'm not liking it very we'll. I finally was able to use the unread function, I think after I "unread" everything that was showing unread...probably everything...a bunch. Now I only get a more useable list of unread, but sometimes the I get a double list of some threads..annoying.. I changed the font to the largest size but still too small and a very annoying light grey color...maybe that's just my eyes.
I still can't figure out how to get back to the forums list that the app starts with. It must be so obvious that I miss it.
Use the arrow at the top to go back...then find the three bars at the top left. After you get the menu from the bars, you use the different menus to explore more. That help?
On Nexus 10, when I refresh unread, all messages disappear. Have to step back to opening screen and re-enter this forum. Then I see my unread threads.
Curious, is there a "portal" view consolidating the recent threads of all the sub-fora like of the website?
Why can't I see avatars in the forums but I can when I look at the "people" menu? Using iPad.
It turns out the new app isn't compatible with my iOs (original iPad) and after reading these posts I'm kind of glad it isn't. One more example of the advantages of being a "late adopter!"
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