mozilla problem?


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Aug 10, 2006
Last Friday? (not sure exactly) my access to the forums was blocked. when I called out the web site i would get a a blank page with the words,

im here

printed in the upper left corner. I stupidly assumed that the site server had crashed. Then today it dawned on me that maybe I should try Explorer instead of Mozilla. Walah! It works!

I hate Explorer. Do you know what's happened to the Mozilla entry into the forum? Will it be restored, or am I stuck with using Explorer?

Or is it something about my computer maybe? Is anyone else using Mozilla without problems?
I use foxfire and even the new Apple Safari for Windows and have never had that problem. I use XP Pro on a Desktop and Vista Ultimate on a Notebook. Virus?
Have you checked the mozilla firefox website for the March update? I was having problems with my computer until I checked and found an update that resolved my computer issues.
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