My first post (be gentle)


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Feb 24, 2007
Hello all,

This forum comes highly recommend by my wife (simple girl). She’s so cute that every once and a while I have to grab her by the shoulders and gently shake. Then I tell her I am “shaking my money maker”. She often discusses the ER topics with me so I have been sort of lurking for a while now. I decided to come out of the shadows and post my own questions.

As you may know she is a part timer / semi retiree. Our hope is that within five years I will be semi retired and work 6 months a year. We decided to shoot for the semi retirement to allow us to make the move earlier. I also like my job and it has given us some pretty cool travel opportunities (on the company's dime). But who knows what the future holds….
Welcome. Simple girl knows her stuff.

I'll be gentle unless you mention you want to put all of your money into variable annuities. Then the moderators get to send me a note about the content of my post.

I'm also looking at the possibility of part timing soon as a way to extend medical benefits. Many on the forum are in some version of semi-retirement with earned income still part of their cash flow formula.
Welcome to the board, DG. I suppose "Simple Guy" wouldn't get across the same impression!

The couples posting on this board make a pretty interesting demographic...
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