Navy Federal 3% 1 Year CD


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Mar 17, 2008
I found I had some more cash laying around than I knew what to do with, so I went looking for short term bills and CDs to see if I could beat the 0.95% my ING account is offering.

I found this nice little gem with Navy Federal, 3% APY for a year, although it's only for a pretty small sum. Still more than I'd get with that small sum anywhere else I've found for such a short period.

I called to ask whether or not retirees getting direct deposit still qualified, and was told as long as there's a direct deposit amount over $300/month, you're good to go.

I don't know if it's worthwhile to anyone else, but it's going to offset the seasons of Dr. Who I just bought. :D

Special EasyStartSM Certificate1

Our 3.00% APY* Special EasyStart Certificate is the perfect
way to jump-start your savings!

  • Open with just $50
  • 12-month term
  • $3,000 maximum balance
1) This offer is effective March 28, 2011. $3,000 maximum balance. Only one Special EasyStart Certificate per member is allowed. Certificate owner(s) age 18 and older must have Direct Deposit of Net Pay (minimum $300 per direct deposit), a Navy Federal checking account, and a monthly automatic transfer of at least $15 into your Special EasyStart Certificate within 90 days of the certificate issue date. If these requirements are not met, your Special EasyStart Certificate dividend rate will be reduced to the prevailing dividend rate of a standard EasyStart Certificate for the remainder of the certificate's term. At maturity, the Special EasyStart Certificate will automatically renew to a $100 minimum, standard EasyStart Certificate at the prevailing dividend rate unless member specifies otherwise.
Interesting. It's obviously not applicable for most people on this board, but UK saving interest rates are around 3% for a 1 year term. Also the UK has an Individual Saving Account that is tax free, like a ROTH, but it isn't for retirement and you can get at the money without penalty once the saving term is it's like a tax free CD. This is something I'd like to see in the US. For 4 year terms the rates go up to 4.4%, remember that's UK tax free, so you can build a nice ladder.

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Now the big question......which Dr?
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