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I like the new format, particularly the use of green and the general appearance. Thanks for making the change!
Here is another update:


  • Portal links going to first post not last read post
  • Some text center aligned and not left aligned
  • Remove Rep Power Squares (these were not being shown on the old skin and simply confuse people. We also do not use the rep power the way the software was built, we use the feature to power our Thanks system making the squares redundant (similar to the stars)
  • Link to FireCalc added back to footer (and made other links match as well)
  • Scrolling posts on the iSpy page not working
  • Not fitting well on 800x600 screen resolution
  • Top Button needs to be bolder & easier to see (as well as other links in the same area)
  • Arrow icon on a thread listing for "Go to your last post" seems to be missing
  • Header optimized to take up less vertical space
  • Go to new post added to recent threads in side column
Issues Remaining:

  • Advertising Link not working
  • Meet Our Team page not working
  • Login box on home page not working properly
  • Remove Rep Power from portal and profiles
I will try to knock out some of the remaining issues tonight.
I use the portal view almost exclusively.

In that view, I'm only seeing threads from the FIRE and Money forum. All threads from all forums continue to show on the v1.0 view.

Using 2.0 to view the FIRE and Money Forum, I see the F&M threads posted apparently complete and in correct order, but over in the recent threads box on the right side is only showing the Fire and Money threads I see in the main part of the screen.

XP Home, Firefox 3.0.14


The above symptoms appear when I just use a bookmark to navigate over to the site to scan what has been posted. I only log in when I have something to post (maybe one or two sessions of 5+ per week.)

Moments after posting this report, however, I clicked back to the portal view in 2.0 and all of the missing threads from all forums are there. Also the last column indicating the source forum for each thread.

So I have to be logged in to see all of the forums and threads represented in the portal view? I hope not...
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