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Jul 1, 2005
I have been lurking for a while and decided you guys have the best RE board on the internet.   ;)

A little history:
Age 53; still working but looking to pull the plug when wife does in 2 years.  She is waiting for ER pension so waiting is required.

I have ER'd once already after 24 years with the same company.  Previous wife (deceased) retired when I did a couple of years ago after 34 years with the same company.  She had all of 7 months in retirement.  :-[  I am not going to let that happen to me. 

Current employeer has only a 401(k); and I am fully invested to get the full match.  Wife (remarried) gets the full deal when she retires; 401(k), small pension, full medical and dental, etc.  I have small pension and full medical from previous retirement but as using current employer's plans as they are less exensive. 

We will have about $40K in combined pensions; $prior company 401(k)s are in IRAs now. 

I would be out now but we also carry three mortgages, house, cabin, and a condo that will be sold soon.  Cars are paid off but will need to be replaced one at a time over the next few years.  So expenses will continue to be above just the pension amounts so I will need to draw on cash, stock options (if they every get above water)  :mad:  Will need to tap IRA with a 72(t) before age 59.5 but even so, we should be fine.  Short term expenses vs income will be a challenge but longer term we should end up with a nice chunk for the kids unless we decide to spend down to the last dime and let the kids do it all the hard way like we have.

Nice to read your comments here without all the BS and flaming so common of many other boards.

I look forward to a long and fruitful discussion with you all.
SteveR said:
Nice to read your comments here without all the BS and flaming so common of many other boards.

Man, you havent done much reading here, have you? ;)

Very sorry to hear about your wife. Its a common story, but sad every time I hear it.

From the rest it sounds like you 'get' it. Welcome aboard!
Thanks for the Welcome.

Yes, it sucks to see someone work 12-14 hour days for most of their life in order to get that Brass Ring at the end of a long and stressful career; only to see them suddenly struck down a few short months into a well deserved retirement. 

It makes you want to FIRE right out of working and start living with the unknown amount of time we all have left.  All our clocks are ticking and we don't know when ours runs out.  Working until death may be the way it used to be, but I have no intention of dying at my desk.  :mad:

LIfe is just now getting good again.  I remarried last October and I am looking at the end of the tunnel as far as real work goes.  We may do some part time stuff just to have some play money and to get some social time together but nothing major.  I thought about consulting but I don't want the travel and time away from the new wife.  Some things in life are more important than being rich.  If we can get by with some gravy, then I am OK with that.
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