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Feb 6, 2006

Wad here. Well, as far as retiring early, I still have to work until 60 (currently 51) due to the way my retirements are set. My wife is a little more fortunate in that she will retire a couple of years earlier than I will. I just found the site and I am interested in anything to make planning for retirement a little easier. So far, we are on track and on time; but any information on travel, finances, medical or just life tips are appreciated.
Hello Wad, welcome to the forum.

It looks like you've duplicated your initial post, so I'm going to delete all but this one to reduce the possibility of confusion.

RF-4? You have a military background?
Yes, as far as the military background. I have been doing a lot of research into the retirement benefits and healthcare. It appears they will help us make the transition a little easier. My wife and I are within 7 to 8 years of retirement. She is employed by the local governemet and I a combination of military and airline. I really do not know about the airline retirement ( as far it being secure). So we are putting all the irons in the fire to try to enjoy the years left. I like this site; some interesting and informative topics.
Welcome to the board, RF-4.

Judging from the media stories, the only way your airline pension would be secure is if it was handed to you as a lump sum!

Most of the board's topics repeat every few months. If you have a question, a keyword in the search box will probably pop up the answers.
Yea, you are right about the lump sum pay out. I just hope it is there in 8 years and 9 months at my airline. I see from your profile that you are from Oahu. I lived there from 2001 to the end of 2002. I still return often for military duty. I truely love Hawaii. But retiring there would be hard for my wife and myself. I think we like Kona best of all, but our retirement would go further on the mainland than in the islands. So, we will just have to settle on 2 to 3 months a year.

Thanks once again for the welcome. I enjoy learning of how others are approaching retirement and what the plans are.


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