New Year, New Milestone


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Mar 13, 2013
I've been waiting for some time to make this post, but I had to wait for some transfers to finalize before I was sure. As of January 1st we have officially passed the $400,000 mark in net worth. We are actually sitting at about $410,000 thanks mostly to Mr/Mrs Market (we are renters).

I am 33 and my DW is 31. I started working at 24 and we had $60,000 in student debt to start, so for a long time we have felt like we were not making the headway we had hoped to.

Not exactly where we wanted to be, but better than where we were! Best of luck everyone else in 2014. It is really nice to have like-minded people to share our journey with.

Congrats! You've actually done much better than most folks your age.
Congrats, you're really doing great!
Very impressive. Much further along than I was at your age.
Fantastic! You are rapidly reaching the point where you will have critical mass and it will be harder and harder for you to be knocked off the path to FI. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Everyone. brewer12345 I am really looking forward to hitting that point of critical mass that you mentioned. At this stage in our investing life, the idea of supportive tailwinds seems like some kind of strange legend ...
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