No Daily E-Mail


Thinks s/he gets paid by the post
Dec 30, 2018
DuPage County IL
two days in a row now with no daily e-mail updates fir the 4-forums to which i am subscribed. anyone else experiencing this? i have unsubscribed and re-subscribed to those forums so i'll see if that 'fixes' the pblm timorrow.
I got one last night at 9:16.
1. Check your spam folder or other folders.
2. Check with your provider to make sure they haven't decided you need extra spam filtering help and done it for you.
3. Is there a chance you unsubscribed or accidentally marked one or two of them as spam?
i did find some posts in the junk folder. not sure how they got there but i obviously must've marked them. they have all been marked as good in any case thanks for the suggestion. all is well now.
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