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Nov 28, 2005
I decided to come out of hiding after lurking for a couple of months. I found the information that you all share helpful. I hope to add to the discussion.

My husband and I are both 55 and our children are grown and mostly on their own. (We have a wedding to pay for this coming spring and then they will definitely all be on their own.) My husband RE'd 18 months ago and he loves it. He RE'd in part due to health issues and in part due to serving the public for a long time in a very stressful position. I continue to work, but am planning for my "big day."

I prepared a retirement budget using Quicken and tried several on-line planning tools (including FireCalc). Since I don't know how Quicken puts everything together, I created my own plan in Excel. In almost all scenarios, we have enough to live until age 95 without a change in lifestyle. (I assumed that I will be in a nursing home by age 90-that eats up lots of funds.)

I have also been planning for social issues that may arise. I look to this forum for help in identifying these issues.

I will stop my introduction here and post questions and comments from time to time.
Was going to make my own topic but your title fit me to.

I have only been lurking for a few weeks but decided it was time to register and jump in. I haven't pulled the trigger yet on ER but I'm real close. My wife and I are 57 and I was made an offer I don't think I can turn down. One years salary continuation with benefits that then switchs to retiree benefits. Heath insurance will be a bit more than I have to pay now but at least for now not to bad. Was planning on making the jump to ER or part time in the next couple of years so I'm leaning way to the side of taking the money and run.

Two financial advisor say I have enough money, of course they want to invest it for me. We have been living on roughly half of my salary for a long time. House is paid for and no debt. If we continue to spend at our current rate every online calculator says we are fine even with a 4% increase per year. Been looking for a reason why I shouldn't. I guess the forum has failed on that aspect since it has encouraged me not discouraged me.

I have another week to turn in the paper work. Other than a lot of legalese about releasing them of all past sins as far as actions against them, it is pretty straight forward.

I don't plan to do a lot to make money in retirement but figured I pick up a little play money here and there and the wife works part time enough to bring in 10K-12K a year and plans to continue for awhile.

Lots of hobbies that I haven't done justice to in years so I look forward to having 7 Saturdays every week.

I hope to jump in to conversations when I have something to add.

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