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Nov 5, 2008
I have notified my company that I will retire on 1 April of this year, at 60.5 years of age. My retirement funds, a 401K and company sponsored plan, are both with Vanguard. I took advantage of the Vanguard Financial Planning Service, filled out the questionare and had an interview with a Financial Planner. We both agreed that for me a 30/70 ratio was best and he went about creating a plan. In it he recommended that for Stocks I use VTSAX (17%) VGTSX (7%) and VDEQX (6%). For Bonds, VBMFX (45%) and VBTLX (25%). I'm pretty sure that you on this board will know what the VXXXXX stands for....in your opinion, do these funds seem like a reasonable allocation of my retirement money given the current state of the financial world?
My wife and I just want to head out in our RV beginning in May for cooler summer weather and not have to worry about the stock market.
Thanks for any and all opinions offered!
Welcome to the board. I have no suggestions but, I know it will help others on the board to know if you have a Pension COLA'd or not (and DW situation regarding a Pension). Also your plans for SS.

Again Welcome to the Board. Lots of knowledgeable people here!
Thanks OAG, I didn't think to add anything else.....
The Vanguard money is it...I have the option of receiving a monthly non-COLA pension or taking a lump sum amount. Between the 401K and lump sum we'd have just slightly less than 1M. My wife has never worked outside the home and we hope to begin to draw SS at age 62.
Thanks again.
What is your estimated annual expense budget?
I like Vanguard advisers they give simple easy to follow advice, with low expense.
I am not sure vdeqx adds to the portfolio. The Morningstar report calls it actively managed version of the Total Stock Market and gives it 2 out 5 stars.

Other than that if the portfolio meets your financial needs it looks fine.

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