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Where's my dang royalty check:confused: ;)

I hope its not those bad jokes...

Sorry to tell you it's your secret formula for getting 7 stars on this forum that was outted-- (actually its your remodelling story, but I think you knew that...) And when I see a royalty check I'll let you know -- I'm beginning to suspect they are in the same category as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. If you approach writing (here or in print!) as volunteer work, though, it's the best. A nice low-cost way for FIREes to while away some of their free time ;)
Oh yeah, I forgot about that 'conversation' we had. Well, its good info for some poor sot that thinks fixing a house is a good idea. I'd have jumped off a cliff if I tried to do that while working.

Santa gets royalties. Not the easter bunny. The people who write the checks are still trying to figure out how a rabbit that gives out chocolate eggs is associated with christ.
Hey ESRBob - I got your book the other day (ordered it when I was ordering a Christmas gift for someone - gift for them, gift for me ::)).  So far, I love it!  But in my case, it's just preaching to the choir.   About every other paragraph, I'm reading something to my DH ("hey - listen to this one!")

It's nice to see in print much of what I have believed and lived by my whole life.  As I get ready to ditch the long commute this May, I'm sure I'll appreciate some of the later chapters even more.

CJ (CK?)
Glad you're enjoying the book -- interesting that you are reading things aloud to your DH as it was one of my hopes for the book that it would help couples get on the same page about ER -- start a conversation, planning, joint goals and so forth. The whole ER 'mindset' might be perfectly clear to one spouse already, but clear as mud to the other. For me, getting DW on board made it all possible. Once she realized I wouldn't have to take business trips and would be around to do chores to be with the family, it was clear sailing all the way! Enjoy the read, and good luck in the home stretch to your own ER date in May...
ESRBob - you are right about being on the same page. Mostly we are, but we have a few differences. When I read the page about "facing up to fear and greed" it touched a nerve. DH always seems to want "just a few more paychecks". He has a hard time believing we have enough to let my paycheck go (mine has always been the bigger salary). I keep assuring him that yes, we have enough, and if money coming in is so important, I'd never get to stop working!

Thanks again,
CJ (not "CK") :)
Sweet --
Was that one you donated or did you recommend it to them? Anyway, glad that Hawaiians are going to be able to know how to work less live more, as if they need any advice on the topic :D
ESRBob said:
Nords, was that one you donated or did you recommend it to them?
I gave it to the head librarian to read & donate.

It'll actually hit the shelves in another 6-8 weeks after the catalog staff is "finished" with it. Apparently it takes months from purchase to shelving unless you're a top-10 author.
I ordered it today -- can't wait! -- and a couple others (Frank Armstrong and Larry Swedroe). I think I read somewhere the forum gets a bit from the whole order, so I went looking......

Hello, just learned of this forum yesterday. Just bought the book. Looking forward to reading it. If I'm lucky, and I'll know in a couple of weeks, I'll (53) be retiring comfortably in April and my wife (55) in August. We can't wait!
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your upcoming decision to ER. Thanks for supporting the forum and buying the book -- hope it helps you and your wife and happy to discuss any questions that come up.
ESRBob: Just started reading your book; it's a real page-turner!!

Of course, you're preaching to the choir... :p
Taking a two week vacation soon, ordered Bob's book and two others for the trip and of course clicked the link here to Amazon. Can't wait to get them.
Wow, that was fast! Finally put my order into Amazon Sunday night at 8:10PM EST--(I went back to check the confirmation email because this came so fast)--added another book to get the "over $25" free shipping and my order was waiting on my doorstep when I got home today (Wednesday). I figured it'd take a day or two to pick the order and 3-5 days for shipping, but it got here in about 60 hours from order time. Oh, it came from a KY warehouse and I'm a couple hours North in Indianapolis. Still, I'm impressed. (I may have to come back and delete my comment as it's starting to sound like spam. ;) )

I did check my library and local bookstore before ordering. At one time I thought I might give the book to the library after I'm done with it, but I think I'm more likely to hang onto it or give it to my Mom since she's been talking about 'retiring' to part-time work in a few years.
Linda Stern mentions Mr C's book in her Reuters article.
(Maybe someone can tinyurl this for me please.)

Just got it today from Amazon. Browsing thru it, I see NORDS is mentioned. Serious reading commences tomorrow...
Hope you're enjoying the read -- Nords did more than provide some good anecdotes --he came through with some pretty good posts during a rough patch I was having with the editor who wanted me to drop the last chapter --

Nords was the one clearly saying "a book on ER wouldn't be complete if you didn't give people some sort of vision about how life can be better once people have a lot more free time-- don't just make it a how-to book, make it a book that helps people dream big' Don't know how Nords feels about that Chapter as it finally turned out, but without his encouragement, there might not have been anything there at all.

You'll also find profiles of Brewer, Jarhhead (pseudonymously at their request) (and Bob Smith -- remember him?) Gayl and others, a house remodelling story from TH or whatever he's calling himself these days, and a bunch of other examples and stories from people who've been on the forum in the past but may not be posting so much now.

feel free to post any questions or comments -- there will be a new version sometime in the next few years and anything unclear or missing can be raised here and make it in the next go-round.
Great book, Bob.

Almost finished with it.  I think it has a lot of provacative thoughts, and hopefully can either prompt more folks to think through the possibilities or provide the final shove to take back our time as our own.

Two thumbs up.
Thanks, Bow-Tie,
Glad you found the book useful. Just finished a day with by ESR brother and family (Chet on Page 11 of the book), in from California -- drilling a new hole for our dryer vent, putting the boat in the water for the season, debating educational reforms and the unintended consequences of No Child Left Behind--- Life is good after 20 years of almost never seeing each other because we were too busy working :D

I don't see the link that you mentioned in your first post. The one that we should click to help out this forum

Would you please post it again

Lena said:
I don't see the link that you mentioned in your first post.   The one that we should click to help out this forum
Would you please post it again
Thanks, REW, those are the ones...

I think I need to learn to be a little more observant ;)
I had made a recommendation for our library to buy, Work Less, Live More, a while back. I stopped in today and was browsing the new books and they bought it. I was so excited to see it there! My only dilemma is that I am halfway through, The Warrior Elite by Dick Couch, and we are leaving tomorrow to go to VA and I won't get to read as much as I want until next Wednesday! Whine, whine. Anyway, your book is in WV now.
I did an interlibrary loan request and got the book yesterday after a 2 month wait. It is from the Social Security Administration Library, wherever that is located. Brand spankin new copy too! Good, easy reading so far.
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