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Jan 15, 2014
Bloomington, MN
I was going to post a picture in another thread of burrowing owls and I realized I have no idea how to post a picture.
I assume I need some place to upload the photo to and then link it to this site.
What do most people use to host their photo's?
I believe you can just use advanced mode on the site and then attach the image using the file attachment option (Paper clip). Of course you can link to it if you have it stored somewhere online.

cd : O)
User CP here, click on "Pictures and Albums" on the left. You can save pix there.
Go advanced (button)
then click the paperclip button to upload an image into your post.

ETA: moved to the forum admin thread section vs other topics, in case folks think this is a general question about image hosting.
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Thanks for this thread. I didn’t know we could do it directly. I’ve been using Imgur and linking from there.
When you upload pictures to a site, make sure the additional EXIF information is scrubbed.
I finally figured out how to do this, thanks for the instructions. I had tried several times before with no luck!

This is a pizza I made one night not to long ago.


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Yoga, you might want to redo that before sharing (i can remove if you like) as it shows your RL name on the phone.
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