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Apr 6, 2004
Hello esteemed moderators - and any others feeling helpful...

I'm confused. Could someone explain how to get a photo into a post? I thought I did this once before, but am now stumped.

I know it has to be small enough, but what do I do after clicking the little photograph icon?

Sorry - My case of CRS is becoming more advanced by the day. ;)

On the page that opens when you click on "Reply" to this post, you will see "Additional Options" just below the "Message" box. Click on that and it will allow you to attach a 64 KB photo.
Also, if the picture you want to display isn't on your computer, but is on the web, copy and paste that picture's URL (something like this: crowe.jpg), into your message, and then highlight the copy/pasted text, and click the image button. The result will look something like this:

TromboneAl said:
The result will look something like this:


Whoa! I wouldn't mind a result that looked like that. Where do I sign up? :D

Seriously, thanks for the quick and helpful advice, guys.
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