planners, fee or asset only?



Looking for a fee-only financial planner, I figured it would be worth it to pay for several hours of opinion and analysis. However, every one I've found wants a % of your assets. Nobody goes with an hourly fee. Is there any way to get "professional" advice hourly? The % they want could pay for several weeks of their time.
I am sure there must be financial planners out there
who give value for their fees, whether asset based
or hourly. However, I never found even one and I looked. I have never paid out a dime for financial advice
(except for some tax questions posed to my CPA)
and consider it money well (not) spent.
My experience with CFPs and their ilk had one
uniform result. I came away more confused than when I started. I don't need to pay for that. I can confuse myself :). Too many options and too many different ideas remove your focus. . A kind of paralysis by analysis develops.
In my opinion, all the information you need is
available (for free). There are some who feel inadequate and would just rather dump the whole thing
on someone. I guess I can understand that.
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