Political Ads Here

Sounds like it’s time for Duck Duck Go or the Tapatalk app. I see absolutely no ads..none.
I do not normally notice advertising of any sort (i know it is there, but do not see it.) I just looked an I have an ad now from VRBO on how I can earn $52,967.00 by renting out my house.:dance:
I do not normally notice advertising of any sort (i know it is there, but do not see it.) I just looked an I have an ad now from VRBO on how I can earn $52,967.00 by renting out my house.:dance:

Ha Ha, it just changed and now it is something called "Rublix" which I imagine is a Russian crypto currency?
Well I thought I had Tapatalk I did at one time. I guess my ap was just er.org directly from the Apple ap store. So, now I’ve downloaded Tapatalk and I’m trying it out. Looks like er.org forum are separate from each other. It’s interesting, I need to play with it. But so far I still do not see any ads and I’m not complaining about that.[emoji1]
OK, right now the ad I see is an ad for vaping equipment.

I quit smoking 42 years ago, and although YMMV and that is fine, personally I think vaping is ugly, disgusting, and far worse than smoking because it is a repugnant excuse for self righteously continuing to indulge a serious addiction (to nicotine). I know, let me tell you how I REALLY feel about vaping! :2funny: Anyway I know that others do not feel this way so AFAIK I have never once discussed vaping in any post or comment on the internet until this one. I do try to be nice sometimes.

So, obviously, TPTB really goofed big time on that one. Actually I am glad they know so mind-numbingly little about me. Probably the next ad they provide to me will be for Everclear (since I don't drink). :rolleyes:

P.S. - - Oh, even worse! The next one was for a 8:20 PM ET kickoff between the Dolphins and the Texans. I presume that is professional football, which I do not follow. And, we are on central time here, not eastern.
Nope don’t like Tapatalk. There’s lots of forums and glory be you can sign on thru Google or Facebook and if u don’t want to see ads, you can upgrade and probably a subscription.
This is absolutely strange. When I had Tapatalk loaded on my phone I made a few mistakes while playing with it. I deleted the Tapatalk ap and went back to the er.org ap that I normally use. Now I also see those mistakes that I made thru Tapatalk. I must b connected in some way to Tapatalk but not completely. Oh well...
Got a political pop up ad today urging a yes vote on something I absolutely plan to vote no on. So they do show on my computer ( no adblock software)
Help me out here. I use Adblock + and never see anything here or anywhere else for that matter. Only negative is sometimes I'll go to sites that want you to turn it off, or they let you by if you check so.

I certainly understand how advertising supports many things. But, I absolutely detest advertising and truly don't believe 99% of it has any applicability to my habits. I even avoid the local gas station because they play this annoying TV while you pump your gas. We DVR what we want to watch or use pay streaming. So my question is, why would anyone not use something like Adblock? I know if I use smartphone to access this site, it is frankly unusable because of the ads.

I'd be happy to have a world in which for a subscription there'd be no ads, no billboards to clutter up my drive down the interstate, and no torrent of information about products I have no use for whatsoever. If I want a product let me just research it myself. Maybe my LBYM life has restricted my need to be sold so much crap.:rolleyes:
Overall, I hate advertising at a visceral level, so I tend to agree with H20Dude.

But allow me to make a few points from the opposite side of the argument.

I have no problem with billboards. Let's face it, the side of the highway is pretty boring on a long, rural drive, and pretty ugly in the city. Rural billboards give you something to look at, keep you alert, and most importantly, clue you in to businesses ahead. City billboards just blend into the otherwise unsightly background.

Normal ads on web sites are the same way. As long as they don't make noise, or flash, or take up too much screen real estate, they fade into the background. Ideally, they may clue me in to something I'd be interested in knowing about. It's never happened to me yet, but in theory, it might.

If these unobtrusive ads help pay the bills for the web site operators, I'm all for it.

But when they shout or play music at me, when they flash or run videos which take a lot of bandwidth to download, they've essentially declared war on the user. And forced us to fight back with ad blockers and auto-play blockers. That only hurts legitimate advertisers and web sites.

I wish we could call a truce.
Whether ad or not, I hate anything that floats down the page as I scroll and covers what I am trying to read. I hate it, hate it, hate it!
I assume it depends partly on which OS, browser, device, etc.

There are ads in a banner across the top on my PC and my iPad, but I don't even notice them. I do use an AdBlocker on my iPad but not my PC, doesn’t seem to make any difference WRT ads on ER.org. When I do look it's usually a result of another search or website I've been on.

I use FireFox on my PC, and recently switched from Bing to DuckDuckGo on my iPad. I just clicked on the X to close the banner ad here, and it said Ad closed by Google. I haven’t used Google for search on any of my devices for a long, long time :confused:

I just looked and there is a Voter Ad in the banner. I never even would have noticed it unless for this thread...
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I suspect the location also determines if you see political ads.

I don’t see any ads because I’m using the built in blocker in Safari on iPad running iOS 12.0.1.

But there is another thread with someone complaining about political text messages on his iPhone and he’s in Chicago.

I’m in CA, in an uncompetitive congressional district, so I guess campaigns wouldn’t bother.

The other thing is, in mobile devices, websites ask for access to location services or GPS. I usually deny those requests. Websites can still determine approximate location by your IP but not as precisely.

There are some other sites I frequent which requires disabling ad blockers or whitelisting them to use certain features.

Otherwise, I generally won’t whitelist or disable ad blockers. If they block you from reading, I won’t bother, too many other sources out there.
I presently have an FA ad on the Portal screen. I mention FA's from time to time, but most always in a negative and bombastic manner. :blush:
"The hack involved a modified Amazon Echo, which had parts swapped out, including some that had been soldered on. The modified Echo was then used to hack into other, non-modified Echos by connecting both the hackers’ Echo and a regular Echo to the same LAN. ... The researchers notified Amazon of the exploit before the presentation, and Amazon has already [-]pushed a patch, according to Wired[/-] added this as a standard feature. :D
I voted for Kodos !!!!

ohh, sorry. I thought you meant we should post political ads here.

Just got an ad on the side panel for HP Enterprise Servers starting at $5800....

I wonder just what ad software thinks I would be a customer ?
If you are using a computer browser have you turned to "off" the option: under "User CP" and then on left menu "Edit Options" and then toward the bottom of the page.[/QUOTE
Thanks, this fixed it for me. Instead of "Edit Options" I found it under Edit Your Details, but it works much cleaner now.☺
OK - something really disgusting showed up on the forum ad today!

Like I would ever consider wearing such a jacket! :eek:


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