Portfolio strategy


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Jun 21, 2005
The post about the difference between betting on horse racing and investing got me thinking. :eek:
What portfolio strategy did you use to get you to FIRE and also if it changed once you were FIREd? They are so many different strategies consisting of buckets, RIPs, four pillars, widows, wellessy, etc. that I wonder how folks came to a decision.
Not FIREd yet, but one thing I have started doing since I remade my portfolio to be a bit more conservative is to take very high risk/high reward bets using options with very small amounts of money. If my bet pans out, I make a huge % return in a short time. If it doesn't, either the options expire worthless or I lose a small chunk of money cashing them out for less than I paid. Obviously not for the faint of heart, but it adds some potential upside to my portfolio, and sometimes those bets work out.
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