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Jul 1, 2009
This morning I started having this problem viewing posts whenever the banner ad above the Recent Threads box is the wide kind. The text of the posts gets squeezed into too narrow a space. Pic will illustrate:

BTW, I'm using IE 8, latest updates, on XP.
I experienced the same thing, but I closed the connection and refreshed the screen; it was OK the second time...

Spoke too soon.. logged back in an hour later, the narrow display is back. Agree with Onward that it depends on the type of banner ad.

Maybe this is a narrow-mindedness detector? :LOL:
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It seems to depend on the type of ad above the Recent Threads box. When ad is square-ish, everything formats correctly. When ad is banner-shaped, the page is mis-formatted.
The one ad that seems to consistently not cause problems is the "ads by Google" box. The wide banner ads are consistently causing associated with the problem. But, every now and then a small square ad will be over there when the problem occurs.
I just cleared IE's cache, shut down IE, and restarted. I can't reproduce the problem now. All ads above the Recent Threads box are now the square-ish kind (leaving the page properly formatted). No banner-style.
Cleaned out Firefox cache, shut it down, re-opened the browser and signed on here and am still getting the same problem. I've got other places to visit, but when I'm done there I will just re-boot the machine and see if my next visit is better.
After re-booting I still experience the same prob. Here's a screencap:


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Mine started doing the same thing today.
The problem seems to be gone for me. I no longer get the wide banner ads above the Recent Threads box.

Update: oops. It's happening again.
We're taking a look at this - thanks for the report :)
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