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Dec 17, 2003
Losing my whump
Seems a couple of my posts made in the last day vanished without a trace.

Anyone else having this problem?
Maybe you posted them on one of the status boards by mistake.
No, because someone else besides me noticed one of the posts had disappeared, because we were talking about it this morning.
I got knocked off earlier today. Wrote a reply and the system wouldn't allow me to take that action because I was not authorized.
I deleted one of your posts (yesterday, perhaps) which was completely blank - looked like an accidental hit-the-return-key error. No content.

Or maybe you set the font color to white ;) ?
I coulda sworn CFB had posted a photo of two cats with interesting expressions eying each other in response to "herding cats" in the welcome suckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmoderators thread, but later it was gone. Perhaps that post appeared blank to Rich?

Remember if a posts looks blank you can try to quote it and see if there is some markup that isn't showing through for some reason.

I love that cat photo, by the way. Are those your cats, CFB? I think it's better than the O RLY? owl.
CFB and I have worked this offline, and it appears that the images did not come through for me and possibly others.

We got them to work and maybe CFB will post them again. So, it appeared as an empty post but contained corrupted image files first try.

FWIW, using Firefox here.
They're not mine, but I have some good cat stare down shots, plus a few cat/dog staredowns.

It was actually two posts from the same thread, disappearing about 12 hours apart from each other. Seems Rich off'd one of them.

Firefox here too Rich, but perhaps photobucket was more bucket than photo for a while ;)

Heres the shot again...for what its worth...

Sorry for the late response here. I am just getting a big part of the load off this server today. We were really running at red line all week. This will cut the load by 50% and this issue should go away. I will post back here in another few hours once this other big site is load balanced (meaning the load will lower drastically on this server) and then I will need feedback on if this is happening anymore.

I appologize for the issues and rest assured I will get them fixed ASAP.

I was able to get load balancing turned on with two of the largest sites and the server is now running at a lower load. For those of you who don't really know what this means, it's kind of like running your car in the redline, you can do it but it's not really good.

That being said, the more feedback I can get from you all about site speed and post not posting, the better. If the site is slow or you have problems, please speak up so I can start to track down the issues and continue to make things faster.

Thanks for your feedback...
Probably just a coincidence but when I was reading this thread on my Mac laptop using Firefox the Mac froze, no cursor, no nothin'. This has almost never happened with this Mac. Strange.

I just had to reboot the server to flush the memory. Now I will watch things for a few days and tune as needed. I am getting darn close to getting this project finished (very exciting for me).

Please keep the feedback coming...
When the activity is low, the last 20 posts shows Today, then Yesterday. then Today again because it was today when the post was made but is now yesterday.

IOW when you push the latest post into the stack, check the time and flip the Today posts to Yesterday when the clock stikes midnight.
Oh and that outage this morning, that was me. I closed my laptop lid with the forum still open in my browser.

My bad.:duh:
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