Question about the crowd here

I am old and not retired yet, just here to try to get inspired to jump into retirement. Living life waiting for something to push me into retirement because I am afraid to jump. I have a net worth of over 650K mostly in investments I could sell my house and by an acceptable house for 250K or so in cash and still have about 400K left invested and with a roommate and no mortgage I should be able to live on 4% and only 2.5 years until SS and 5.5 until Medicare. But my job is easy, pleasant and pays about 1K a week so every week I earn money is one thousand better off. Let my boss yell at me once and I quit or if the company folds or my boyfriend retires but for now I sit at the edge of the cliff and think about jumping off.
Met a Federal employee a few months ago who was about 44 and said he would be retiring in two more years or one bad day.
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