Race to 2024 - please join :)

Congratulations on solid Q1!!! I admire your ability to produce gains in the range of $250-300k per quarter regularly. Do you add a lot? or it is just market gains? My biggest Q was $203K and I thought I made a killing, your numbers are more than killing, it is magic :cool:

Thanks, better to be lucky than good, I guess :) But it's mostly market gains. I add my normal max out of 401k and when I get a bonus I add it to the pile, but mostly market.
5 more weeks..... DW and I printed all the Pension info to get signed, notarized, and returned. Will do that in the next few days.

I'm pretty much on auto-pilot until my last day. DW on the other hand is working 12 hours days right now. I keep telling her to tell them to stuff it, but she doesn't want to go out that way. So I respect her decision and we march on to May 31.
Work sucked today...solidifying giving notice in 3 weeks before the long holiday weekend.
5 weeks for me until bonuses hit, so we're in very similar shaped boats. Thank goodness I'm taking my last 7 days of vacation before then. I should probably take some sick days too. That would help speed things up.
I don't recall if I ever posted to this thread but I'm in the class of 2024. I gave notice on February 13 and our contracts require 120 days notice. My last day is June 8. However, since 8/2022 I've been per diem so I only work intermittently. As of right now my last scheduled shift is May 26, so about 3-1/2 more weeks. There's a slim chance I may pick up additional shifts but I'm really trying to fight that urge. Sure the money is always nice but I keep telling my self if we're not ready now, an extra shift or two isn't going to make a difference. No matter what, in 5 weeks I will be done for sure.

My team is planning a retirement party for me on June 9. I'm looking forward to that. I work with an incredible group and walking away from that is really the hardest part of the decision to leave. I'll probably miss the work some, but I'll miss the people a lot more.
Welcome to the Class of 2024!

Four more weeks for me. DW and I just got an invite to a retirement party/happy hour on May 28.
Welcome to the Class of 2024!

Four more weeks for me. DW and I just got an invite to a retirement party/happy hour on May 28.
Bravo! And I notice your retirement party hits the target date in your signature. Very well done, indeed!
Well to be honest.. I went through two other OMY's before last year finally settling on the May 31, 2024 date. I was ready all of that time but just had to wait until DW was ready.
It is OK. I was '23, OMY to '24 and really it is a soft retirement. I'll probably do part time OMY and for the same reason as you, DW wants to be in the new home before bailing.
Announced on Bogleheads, now here. Official date is 21 June when I fly back to USA and new house/car in FL. Was 'retired' before, but early 50's divorce popped me back into employee land. Already have road trip across USA planned for late fall, trip to India in early December, trip to Australia in spring 25 and trip to South America in late fall 25. Will still do only interesting consulting projects to keep intellectual stimulation, but have that planned as only about 2-3 weeks total a year...will use it as expenses trip to Europe as needed ?. Have resigned from professor-ship, separated from Fed job (will receive a small pension in two years), and started receiving Reserve pension. My father will probably get sick of seeing me as I will be living very close to him. First time in over 43 years-hehe. It is actually my pleasure to spend more time with him as he aged out, as they say.

Amazing to me I'm nearly there....amazing....

Thanks to those here, Bogleheads, FIRECalc early on, VPW tool, and several PMs here for sharing their stories and journeys.
Annual bonus hit yesterday. I'll download all relevant contacts to a burner phone and cleanout most of my office this weekend. Then tender my resignation on Monday.

Definitely feeling the jitters, but I'm not going full FIRE yet. I'll get a PT job after a few months and then Full FIRE hopefully in '29.
I gave my 4-week notice yesterday. The story spread quickly enough and generally positive feedback from everyone. Immediate supervisor was surprised and bemused. President of the company said he was angry at me for leaving, but he'd get over it. Found out a couple of other coworkers are in very similar boats as me (i.e. take a few months off this summer, or OMY, then find something different). Two former bosses said they were sad to see me go but totally understood. The regional manager hasn't spoken to me yet, but I reckon that's fine, we're all super busy.

I'll broach the topic of how to administratively leave with the business department tomorrow or maybe next week if no one tells me what to do before then. It'd be awesome if I get to keep the company phone as it's been the only one I've had for 15years.
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