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Feb 8, 2003
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I find this stuff interesting.

Total Members: 1325
Members who've posted: 678
At least 5 posts: 360
At least 20 posts: 190

Members logged in since the software change: 189
" with at least 5 posts (anytime): 148
" with at least 20 posts (anytime): 108

Notable longtime frequent poster absences include Bob_Smith and Hyperborea who both went missing before the switchover. ex-Jarhead hasn't shown up yet, but it's only been 3 days. Other high-posters who haven't shown up yet don't have posts from the last week, generally speaking.
I finally figured stuff out and got back on last night. :LOL:

It was my own stupid mistakes that kept tripping me up.

You look "mah-vellous" BigJim! :D
Sorry to hear you had troubles. I was actually looking for frequent posters that disappeared at the changeover--an indication that people are having trouble getting back in--and I missed that you were lost. :-[ Sorry 'bout that. Now I'll have to go back, look again and see if I missed someone else.

Glad that you're back though! And nice to see that somebody found the butterflies. :D

You look "mah-vellous" BigJim!

Thanks! laurencewill thought I looked scarey. :)
We always plant a large number of butterfly attracting flowers in our gardens.

Coneflowers, Zinnias, Butterfly Bush, to name a few.

Mrs. Zipper and I can sit in the garden with a nice bottle of homemade wine in early fall, and watch hundreds of monarchs cruising through in a couple of hours. :cool:
Having not seen the movie BigMoneyJim, I took it out of context. Now I understand it has character! ;)
Total Members: 1384
Members who've posted: 723
At least 5 posts: 385
At least 20 posts: 196

Members logged in since April 29 (the software change): 330
" who've posted (anytime): 284
" with at least 5 posts (anytime): 223
" with at least 20 posts (anytime): 142

ex-Jarhead still hasn't shown up on the new board; his last post was 3 days before the changeover. Dory36 and I emailed him to see if he has been unable to access the new board.

I will search again and see if I missed any other active posters that disappeared around the time of the change. (I didn't catch Zipper the first time.)
Total Members: 3147

Members who've posted: 1820
At least 5 Posts: 1034
At least 20 posts: 588
At least 50 posts: 379
At least 100 posts: 268
At least 500 posts: 87
At least 1000 posts: 44
At least 2000 posts: 15
At least 3000 posts: 11
At least 4000 posts: 7

The rest can be seen on the statistics page under "Top 10 Posters".

This update inspired by sgeeeee's thread on board tenure. It would be nice to give stats on tenure, but I'm having trouble importing the database to a local server for easier analysis. For the stats above I'm hand-altering a SQL query like this:

FROM `smf_members`
WHERE `posts` >499

For tenure queries I want to get much more complex and omit users who signed up, never posted and never came back.
I think i'll just post until I hit 12,345 and then stop. Maybe try to sell my account to brewer12345 for a few shares of ISM.
El Guapo said:
I think i'll just post until I hit 12,345 and then stop. Maybe try to sell my account to brewer12345 for a few shares of ISM.

You're at 12,076 now. That means you'll quit posting in about 12 hours? :LOL:
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