Re: Another $#@^%# newbie!


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Jul 27, 2003
Kansas City
Re: Another $#@^%# newbie!

three small suggestions:

!. Select/or even buy a 'benckmark' like Vanguard's Balanced Index fund or Dodge and Cox Balanced or Wellington. It took me from 1966 - 1996 to figure out I couldn't beat indexing over the long haul. By all means keep putzing with your selections - I think it's hard wired into the male mind. I had 8 funds plus a rental duplex in 1993, age 49. Grade youself against the 'benchmark' you select.

2. If you discover you have the knack(I don't) by all means keep your hand in RE - it's a good counterbalancer to stocks/bonds.

3. I own Vanguard REIT - it still has a low R squared and beta against the S&P 500 BUT I went thru -16% or so drop not long after purchase and kept it because of it's low correlation - which is why I own it - i.e. understand why you may want to own it.

Have fun - nows the time do what floats your boat. I just finished YMOYL, eleven years after ER - found A lot things we did - after the fact.
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