Really, really deep LBYM

This guy is sitting on top of $5B in uranium but has decided that he has all he needs from life, and wont allow the mining due to his beliefs and the responsibilities left to him.
The ultimate buy & hold?

Every mining company in the world is suddenly going to develop their expertise in socially-responsible philanthropic activities, especially if he's going to use their purchase money to fund his favorite charities.

I wonder what he could do to the uranium futures market.
I think it's more about Mr. Lee's philosophy as an Aboriginal person that he is a steward of the land and must respect and nurture it for future generations rather than destroy it. Good for him!
I felt the same way.

Then I wondered what would happen if someone offered him $7B.

Then I wondered why that'd matter either...$5B? $7B? Is there really much of a difference?
Then I wondered why that'd matter either...$5B? $7B? Is there really much of a difference?

Yes... hold on... let me fire up Calc here.... carry the zero, add the three.

The difference is $2B dollars. Or, roughly, a lot more than I have.

To tie in another thread, if he brought it to Vietnam, he'd get a lot of Dong with that.

I really like his stance on it though. Good for him.
Does anyone truly believe that if the value of the ore continues rising it will not be mined?
Let hope he can get it listed as a national park before something untoward happens to him. Thats a lot of money and people have had "accidents" for a lot less.
I think I would have to have it mined! MUST get all the evil uranium poison out of the land!
Custodian … Jeffrey Lee at an outcrop sacred to his clan. "I can go fishing and hunting. That's all that matters to me."

Ok, I understand not cashing in on the 5B.........but no golf in his life?? :eek:
i thought the guy admirable from early in the article where he says "I'm not interested in white people offering me this or that … it doesn't mean a thing."

but then later he lost a little credibility with me when he added "It's my belief that if you disturb that land bad things will happen … there will be a big flood, there will be an earthquake and people will have a big accident."
It's too bad his sentiments are more a peculiarity than the norm. I often wonder how much less depression and other foils of modern life we would experience if we were all much more connected to each other and the land...i'm incredibly underdeveloped in anything to do with growing plants/food, building things, etc. which most people had to have some part of until recently.

a philosopher friend of mine always reminds me that we have advanced technologically but not spent the same effort to advance our humanity - which Mr. Lee reminds, us may have been far more advanced in the past eh?

lg4nthn, perhaps he was referring to global warming? :cool:
cute. the flood perhaps. but i 'm pretty sure earthquakes and accidents will occur regardless.

as to humanity, from what little history i've read, it seems to me the past was much more cruel than the present.
as to humanity, from what little history i've read, it seems to me the past was much more cruel than the present.

i don't think history is linear - take recent world events - sometimes we're going in circles.

i think some cultures/societies were/are advanced in one area, underdeveloped in others. some were more advanced spiritually, but underdeveloped's fascinating to me that you can still get on a plane, train, donkey and some people have practices/beliefs little changed for hundreds of years. it's just sometimes the underdeveloped techno groups don't get the credit for areas they may know more about than our culture does...

or how many cultures were/are really ok/open about sexuality, women were the leaders or treated equally - and we today are retreading ground (often getting nowhere) on these and many other issues.
no doubt you will find little circles where ever you look and there will be drop offs along the way up. but as to the state of being humane in the world, i believe that you will find more compassion as the whole of humanity ages, much like you will find more compassion, generally speaking, in individuals as they age.
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