Reconciling micro observations with macro trends? (is the economy really doing well?)

. They don't take into account that they are earning more or that their house or investments are worth more. All they know is what they feel, and it feels like the price of a dozen eggs (probably a poor example) hardly budged from the mid-'90s through 2020 but is now noticeably higher. It will just take time before it soaks into people's minds that the economy has more or less stabilized now.
I'd consider that a lot of people aren't earning more and don't own a home, let alone investments. I suspect how they feel about gas and groceries is a lot different than your example.

Again, I believe that there are two economies running side by side.
One thing I've noticed from 2020 forwards, is these types of places have seen zero drop off. Hotels like FS are hard to find under 1k in major/seasonal locations, and, yet, yes, packed.
Yes, there is a lot of money out there it seems.
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