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Oct 3, 2007
Maybe the moderators here can give me some advice.
I am trying to register on an automotive forum and after filling out all required fields i send the registration,the problem is that after 2 weeks and half a dozen emails to the "contact us" i still havent got the webmaster to activate my account, i cant PM any of the Moderators as i cant use the PM option until my account is activated,I've tried to re register but it tells me the email is already in use(of course its the one i'm using):confused::confused::confused: Is my only option to hope some one wakes up over there?
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Not a moderator but have you tried to register with another email address like hotmail or whatever? Maybe another like site would be a better alternative.
One other possibility is to check the spam file in your email. Could be replies from that forum are going to spam instead of to your inbox.
What are the possibilities that someone on this forum is a member of this auto forum and can relay a message for you?
I had the same thing happen to me with
After about 3 weeks finally I recieved an email and was registered. My problem was the same thing, they said I had to respond to their email but I couldn't get them to send it.
This is a common problem. I can tell you why it happens, but it doesn't fix your issue.

The activation e-mail is used by many forums including our to cut down on spam. But... many spam filters set up by registering members or sometimes an ISP label the verification mail as spam and so the registering member never gets it. And... the same thing happens to the mail that responds to your help request. When you register for a forum, the activation e-mail should be sent out automatically and almost immediately.

Some trouble shooting help:
1. Check your spam filter
2. Register again using a top tier e-mail address (not free mail. don't use hotmail, yahoo mail etc)
3. As suggested above - if you know another member, ask them to contact a moderator for you.
4. Look for a link somewhere to their corporate site and report there.
Love this forum^-^
Wonder if an auto/bike related section would work.
I tried shutting down all my spam blockers and requested another account activation email and i get nothing,i tried registering on another computer with a different user name and password and still no activation email.Strange problems for a forum that has over 40000 members,i'm starting to think
"the lights are on but nobody's home" as as far as the webmaster is concerned:rolleyes: I give up on the Toyota Yaris Forums - Ultimate Yaris Enthusiast Site - Powered by vBulletin
I would recommend contacting the email that is registered with the domain. Here are the domain details:

Unfortunately they use a proxy service to hide their real information but you can try
YARISWORLD.COM @ <-- Remove spaces

You might reach the owner via that email.

Is that a new model of car? I have never seen those before?!?
Hmm... I was able to register an account at the yaris site. If you want it - you can have it. PM me and I'll give you the account info. You should be able to change the password and account info - just not the user name.
When I've had problems registering at forums with my e-mail address from my usual ISP, I've usually managed to register by using another e-mail address from a different ISP - if you don't already have one, you can get free e-mail addresses from gmail or something and they usually work.

You'll have to keep the e-mail address you registered with, though. If you try to change your e-mail address to your usual one once you've registered, you'll have the same problems with confirmation e-mails that you had when you first tried to register - they'll send out a confirmation e-mail to the address you're trying to change to, and it'll fall into a black hole.

You can also contact your ISP and ask why they're blocking e-mails from that forum. Sometimes there's a problem the forum owners don't know about, and they can work with the ISP to correct it. If it's a major ISP like AOL or yahoo, they're probably losing a lot of potential members.
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