Retirement Spending Allowance Spreadsheet


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Jun 30, 2006
I've attached a very simple spreadsheet for determining how much to spend each year. I figured that having a spreadsheet would keep me honest.

You enter the retirement year, the amount of your retirement dough (including or excluding house, you decide) and the SWR you will use.

It tells you how much to spend for your first year. At the end of that year, you enter the inflation rate that you will use for that year, and it tells you how much to spend next year. Any money left over goes in your fun money account.

I've put in hypothetical values to illustrate how it works.


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thanks - will come in handy. hoping to RE in 2 years
No, Im not Al ;), but there are two ways to interpret the sentence:

Wow. Al and I thought you were living a frugal life !


Wow Al, and I thought you were living a frugal life!

That's what happens when you forget punctuation...

nice starting point

Thanks! I want to track how the nest egg does relative to inflation and how my withdrawals track relative to the moving annual SWR of 4%, so this spreadsheet is a good starting point. I will add a few collumns to do this and "complicate" it some.

What's the best source for the annual inflation rate? Consumer Price Index or ?
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