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Mar 8, 2013
The great Willie Mays passed away today at age 93. Rest in Peace.
Sorry to hear that. He was one of the great ones back in the day when baseball was great.
Watching the Giants game and there have been lots of remembrances from the announcers because he's been an active presence with the team for many years and they all knew him.

They also announced that there will be a tribute during Thursday's pregame show on Fox, before the Giants play the Cardinals in Birmingham. The game was scheduled to honor the Negro Leagues, and the stadium there is where Mays played as a member of the Black Barons at the start of his career.
My father saw him at Candlestick a few times when I was little. When I was older, we saw the A's at the Coliseum a couple of times. My father liked the A's, but the Giants in their prime...
I was fortunate to see him play against the Reds at Riverfront when he was with the Mets in 1973.

I was a huge Mets fan and it was amazing to see this aging star who could still play. He hit homer # 658 that day.

What a memory. RIP Mr. Mays!
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Not only a great player, but he was so exciting to watch. 93 is a good run, but still sad to see this.
Saw this online. Great story. Willie was one of the best. Glad I got to see him play.

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Sorry to hear that. He was one of the great ones back in the day when baseball was great.
I remember those days well. When I was in grade school, Willie Mays was really big. May he rest in peace.
93 is a wonderful, long life.
He was a great ball player.
He was our neighbor growing up. I idolized him. His wife Mae used to shop for groceries at the Marsh Manor Market in Redwood City. They were just totally normal people living relatively normal lives. You were the epitome of a 5-tool player, you were fast, could hit for power and average and your fielding and arm were unparalleled.

R.I.P. Willie. The Atherton, Menlo Park, Redwood City communities are in mourning now.
So, in the 60's I started my lifelong hobbies of collecting "things". Collecting baseball cards was one of my first collections along with common coins and bottle caps. Later in life I started collecting more expensive things. (e.g. cars):)

I can still remember the key cards most kids on the block were trying to get. For "me" the cards I wanted the most were Willy Mays, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. I had them all at one point. Still have my Topps 1963 Mickey Mantle card. And I loved the bubble gum that came with each pack of cards. Ah, those were the days!
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I did not go to a ballgame with him playing in it until he was with the Mets and past his prime. But the fans still had a very high regard for him. He received huge cheers whenever he came to the plate and even bigger cheers when he got a couple of hits and drove in a run.

One of my older brothers met him once, after he retired,. My brother said he was very gracious, kind and appreciative of his fans. RIP.
Super athlete and a good man too. Didn't know about the stickball story. Used to play stickball too but in the Bronx.
I honestly thought he had died a long time ago. Quite surprised that he was still alive.
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