? rollover of 403b to IRA at retirement.


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May 3, 2005
We have most of our tax deferred funds with TIAA-CREF. Spouse just retired. I am working 1/2 time for several more years. She is now 59 1/2 and I will be 59 1/2 in November.

Although TIAA-CREF is very good, the expense rations for Index Funds are somewhat less at Vanguard and Vanguard offers many more long term investment options.
I think I understand that all tax deferrred money could be rolled into Vanguard with no tax consequences until I withdraw it. Vanguard would charge no fees to roll over the money as I understand it. Is this correct?

If we determine that we want $3000.00/month for living expenses, and I want to do a 4 year CD ladder, what is the best way to take the money out of tax exempt funds?

I have learned so much from this board, but I am now making the big shift to drawing out money and want to make sure I am drawing it out the right way...

Thanks to you all.

Yep, call vanguard, they send you a few forms, you fill them out and mail them back, they do all the work. Sometimes it takes a while for your old company to let go of the money though...
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