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Jan 31, 2007
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I think many of us read the same RSS feeds or news articles on portals like iGoogle, My Yahoo, etc. One feature that vBulletin has is the ability to have it pull posts from RSS feeds and post them to a forum. I was thinking that it might be cool if we setup many of the most read RSS feeds to post to a forum (could be called something like "FIRE Feed"). The script would then process the RSS and post new entries as a new thread and we could have discussions here about them.

Some example feeds include Vanguard, Scott Burns, Kiplinger, etc. Do you all think our members would like to have this kind of info aggregated here for them?
It might be interesting. I have several RSS feeds going to Yahoo though so I suspect a lot of other people might take them also. On the other hand, it would make this a central place to discuss them.
Maybe i could set it up and let you all take a look. If most people like it and it brings value to the community then we leave it. If not, well no harm done...

What are some quality RSS feeds that you all think our member would enjoy reading?
My favorite RSS feed is :)
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