Seven deadly sins that lead to debt

Tkanks, Martha, this 'splains it. According to, 34% of homebuyers don't know if their mortgage is fixed or adjustable! Curious that the writer of the story used the word, "homeowners."
Keep the porn - but where do you get free high speed internet access to get that porn? ;)

Well, I don't use my Internet just to watch porn. I also use to surf this forum which is kind of like porn for the frugal crowd.
Thanks Martha. Great article. People often denigrate religion, but as the article demonstrates, there are some valuable lessons to be learned from it.
Funny thing....I read the OP while eating a french breadpizza at midnight, with an Ebay tab open in firefox as I waited to POUNCE on that pocket knife I really wanted....

so....i threw away the last bite and passed on the knife. instead im sending my heavily worh Krshaw's to the factory for a free sharpening. and for the food....well....that didn't munchin on some twizzlers now
I think a lot of people use shopping as a stress reliever.
Shopping is stressful to me. Trying to find the best bargain requires too much efforts.
Shopping is stressful to me. Trying to find the best bargain requires too much efforts.

Me too! Going shopping to me means voluntarily melding with crowds of rude people in order to deal with incompetent sales persons for the purpose of spending too much of my hard earned money on something that is probably shoddier than I might wish, and is not my idea of stress relief.
At least now I respond with "And when are you going to [paint, plant flowers, drywall, put in new floor]?... Good, I'll take the kids to the [park, outside, aquarium]."

- Alec

I tried that and she called me on it. I bought the house before we were married and she always disliked the dark paneling in one bedroom, which I liked because I worked shift work - helped keep it dark during the day. She threatened for a year that she was going to pull it off and I told her to go ahead, just be prepared to deal with whatever was underneath it.

Got home from work one day and see the paneling leaned up beside the house. I have to give her credit - she really did fill in about 1,000 nail holes. So, okay, I'll paint and cut the new baseboards.
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