Signing Tax Return with POA


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Mar 18, 2006
This is a rather specialized tax question but I thought I'd try to get a quick answer.

My DW has the POA for her father and mother. Her mother died in 2007. Her father has Alzheimer's. Last year my wife filed a Form 2848 after she had submitted their 2006 return. The IRS wouldn't accept a copy of the POA. They needed her to become "registered" and now she has a CAF number.

When I read the instructions, it sounds like they want a new Form 2848 every year; but when the application was made last year, an agent said it was good for 3 years.

Any knowledgeable advice on how the Form 1040 should be signed?
FAQ General Information - IRS

Does a power of attorney stay in effect for more than one year?
When you complete the Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative, you must show the type of tax, the tax form number, and the year or period(s) for which the power is granted. You can list returns for any number of specified years or periods that have already ended and returns for years or periods that will end no later than three years from the date the form is signed. A general reference to "all years," "all periods," or "all taxes" is not acceptable. The Form 2848 will be returned to you for correction if you use such general references. For additional information, refer to Tax Topic 310, Power of Attorney Information.
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