Simple Article - Pretty Good Ideas.............

Ya it is. If you LBYM its all been practiced before. Good article for the more clueless.
unfortunately there are plenty of clueless folks who would find this useful. whether they'd do abything with it is another issue...
I think there are many of people that simply have resigned themselves to working their entire lives.

Another big killer is people who have several children buying cars and paying the insurance, gas and upkeep plus allowance, and not to mention college.

Plus, cellphones for junior. This cost alone can break people of normal means. I know people that have $300 - $400/mo cellphone bills just outfitting that army with text messagers... :D
I am amazed by the number of cars parked in the student parking lot at the local high school every time that I drop my daughter off to school. These kids are driving newer models and more expensive cars than I do. My DW often implies that I should buy a "better" car. I tell her that my 2000 Corolla is fine - 36 mpg and comfortable. Anyway, I am not sure if they all can afford it, but I do know there are parents making less than $30K per year provide cell phones with text messaging to their kids.
Of course they have better cars - they don't have mortgages, retirement contributions, or kids to pay for (at least not yet). Let them enjoy themselves.
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