Site maintenance tonight - 6/16/10

Janet H

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Feb 6, 2007
Pacific NW
We are going to have a brief service interruption this evening to do some server maintenance. It shouldn't last more than about 15 minutes and hopefully won't be a substantial inconvenience. :flowers:
I guess I'll find my local chapter of " Anonymous" and schedule a meeting for that 15 minutes.
I"ll take that 15 minutes or so to organize my thoughts so I will be fresh and ready to respond with thoughtful, insightful, and well-researched commentary just as soon as the site comes back up...:D
I'm going to a completely unrelated forum on another topic, where I plan to be a model forum member and post all sorts of fascinating and non-contraversial stuff.

I know, I am such a fickle woman! :LOL::whistle: But don't worry, they just don't understand the importance of paying off one's mortgage (or not), or taking one's SS at 62 (or not)... Like MacArthur, I shall return (once the 15 minutes are over).
Took a nap; did I miss it? Maybe I'll read another chapter in free book T-Al found, Shadow of Power or maybe since this is Bloomsday, a quick Dublin-style pub crawl.
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