Spamming Sh[yster? yeah that's it] problem!


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Mar 6, 2003
Dory, is there anything you can do to control this latest infestation?  At least chop its account.  It isn't as insidious as h****, but it sure is prolific.

[Edited for a kindler, gentler subject line. We have mods to catch these people now. -BMJ]
Re: Spamming Sh!thead problem!

He's posted 20 messages since dory36 last logged on, and I think dory36 thinks he had him blocked for a day or more. I posted a message here warning him to slow down unti dory36 comes back or I'd slow it down for him.
Re: Spamming Sh!thead problem!

Whew - I blocked the other IP he used for a couple of more days, and his username.

New guys -- we're really a pretty tolerant welcoming bunch. But think of this as a conversation that has been going on for quite a while -- years, for many of us. Would you barge into such a conversation in another setting, without getting to know people first?

We welcome new folks interested in the topics we are interested in. We don't welcome people who just see us as another group of marks for some scheme.

How to tell the difference? If someone new moved into your neighborhood, and you invited them over for a visit, you'd expect them to introduce themselves, seek to learn about you, and slowly get acquainted. If they started with a hard sales pitch (for anything) before you'd gotten acquainted, you'd likely ask them to leave -- and certainly wouldn't ask them back.
Re: Spamming Sh!thead problem!

Trolls cease to exist when all of their original topics that they posted are DELETED. And when all of their responses to the threads of others are DELETED. And any new identities of themselves that pop up are DELETED.

I've actively moderated boards before, one warning is enough. No wheedling or obfuscation should be allowed. Cut off and remove the infected entity before it spreads.

No Mr. Nice Guy when dealing with major infections!

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